COVID Regulations when traveling to Bali - Indonesia (updated)

International visa-free tourism in Bali has been put on a halt since March 2020. You can still visit Bali with a valid Visit Visa - APPLY HERE ONLINE, or Diplomatic visas for official ministerial visits or higher,  or with a KITAS or KITAP.

Beware of many hoaxes, rumors, clickbait articles, and false news spreading online.

More detailed Bali Corona Updates

Can I visit Bali during the pandemic?

In short: Yes, but you need a Visit Visa. Foreigners (from most countries) can still visit Indonesia. A mandatory 10x24 hours quarantine is set for fully vaccinated travelers (effective 3rd Dec, due to the new variant Omicron). You can arrive and do quarantine in Jakarta (JKT). 19 nationalities can arrive and also do quarantine in Bali (DPS), but flights are still difficult to get, because not many airlines decided to offer flights to Bali. We advise travelers to fly to Jakarta first and do quarantine there.

Does it make sense to come to Bali under these conditions?

  • Depends. Because of course you have to consider the additional cost with visa and quarantine, that can be USD 1000 or more.
  • And if you plan to come for 2 or 3 weeks, then the additional nights quarantine is a lot of time to spend in a hotel room.
  • Who is visiting Bali now? Most foreign visitors that choose to travel now to Bali, stay a month or longer (visit visa is valid for 60 days and can be extended up to 180 days). Travelers come, because for example they choose to have a staycation, work remotely or are digital nomads. Some follow up on doing their business arrangements for meeting clients and partners or look for products to export and be manufactured. The normal holiday makers that come for 2-3 weeks are usually not yet ready to take all the hurdles.

These are the updated Travel Regulations for Bali (Indonesia), in detail

Who can visit Bali, Indonesia?

  • Because of general travel restrictions and also the uprise of the Omicron Variant Nationals from
    • Afghanistan
    • Botswana
    • Eswatini
    • Guinea
    • Hong Kong
    • Israel
    • Kamerun
    • Lesotho
    • Liberia
    • Malawi
    • Mozambique
    • Namibia
    • Nigeria
    • North Korea
    • Somalia
    • South Africa
    • Zimbabwe

    CANNOT visit Indonesia or apply for the needed Visit Visa due to travel general visa restrictions and the outbreak of the OMICRON Variant.

  • All other nationals can still visit Indonesia (with a visa and mandatory quarantine).

Do I need a Visa for traveling to Bali, Indonesia?

  • Yes, EVERY foreign visitor needs a VISIT VISA to enter Indonesia. The Free Visa Entry or Visa on Arrival (VoA) is put on hold during the pandemic.
  • What Visa do I need? Travelers need a valid Visit Visa (B211A).
  • How do I get this Visa? You can apply online on and get your e-visa per email (Details about requirements and online application here),
  • You don't need a visa if you hold a temporary stay permit KITAS/ permanent stay KITAP, or. a Diplomatic Stay Permit

Who can arrive DIRECTLY in Bali? 

  • According to the latest update by the government, NATIONALS with following PASSPORTS can take flights directly to Bali.
1. Bahrain 8. Kuwait 15. Saudi Arabia
2. China 9. Liechtenstein 16. South Korea
3. France 10. Norway 17. Spain
4. Hungary 11. New Zealand 18. Sweden
5. India 12.Poland 19. UAE
6. Italy 13. Portugal -
7. Japan 14. Qatar -

If you are not a national of these countries you CANNOT fly directly to Bali, and must enter Indonesia via Jakarta AND ALSO do the quarantine in Jakarta - even if you hold a KITAS or KITAP. Technically, other entry points for foreigners beside Bali and Jakarta are Batam (BTH) Batam and Tanjung Pinang (TNJ). But that would not be practical for travelers coming to Bali.

Can I catch a direct flight to Bali?

  • Yes - maybe, there are airlines directly flying to Bali but not many airlines are offering this destination yet. They have difficulties to get enough passengers. Simply check with flight ticket sites of your choice, but be aware that airlines often cancel direct flights to Bali 2 weeks before departure, if they did not get enough bookings.
  • I am NOT one of the nationals above, what is the best way to come to Bali? Simply get a ticket to Jakarta (which could be substantially cheaper than Bali) and then follow the quarantine there in one of the appointed hotels. When the quarantine is completed you can take a DOMESTIC flight from Jakarta to Bali on the same day with one of the smaller airlines such as Citilink, Batik Air, Air Asia etc. Ticket price one way 50-150USD.
  • Can I transit in Jakarta and then do quarantine in Bali? No.
  • Will other countries be added to the list and when? The number of selected countries will probably change. We would not suggest to "build on hope" that your country might get included at some point when making your travel plans. 

Is there a mandatory Quarantine?

  • Yes, the mandatory quarantine for every traveler who enters Indonesia is now increased to 10x24 hours for travelers who are fully vaccinated. 
  • Where do I have to do the quarantine? If you manage to book a flight directly to Bali and are a national of the above mentioned countries, you can do the quarantine also now in Bali.
  • In Bali, quarantine can be done in a selection of appointed hotels in Ubud, Nusa Dua, Sanur, and Kuta (list of quarantine hotels in Bali)
  • If your country is not listed above, you cannot fly directly to Bali, you still have to go through Jakarta and do the quarantine in Jakarta (list of quarantine hotels in Jakarta)
  • Mandatory Quarantine Package: The package will include hotel room, 2 PCR tests (can be charged separately), airport transfer to hotel, 3 meals a day, some laundry items. 

Do I need to be fully vaccinated to come to Bali, Indonesia?

  • YES! You need to show a COVID-19 vaccine card/certificate (printed/digital) that has been done minimum 14 days before departure date, written in English. 

Can Children get a visa and travel with parents?

  • Generally Yes. They would also need a visa. Children above 12 years of age need to be fully vaccinated. Below 12 years of age they need to have a negative PCR test like the adults upon arrival, and the accompanying adult must be a family member. However, just make sure to double check with the airlines of your choice, since they have their own regulations about minors at times.

What else do I need to consider to travel to Bali during the Pandemic?

  • Upon arrival, visitors will get the first of two PCR tests at the airport (will be paid by the hotel). It could be that you have to wait for the test result at the airport, which could unfortunately take up to two hours. Second PCR will be done in the hotel the day before check-out. 
  • Proof of medical Travel insurance with a Covid medical coverage of minimum USD 100,000. In the event where RT-PCR test upon arrival showed a positive result, medical treatments on a isolation/health facilities based on the symptoms level will have to be taken by foreign citizens at their own expense
  • Negative Covid-19 PCR taken maximum 72 hours before departure at origin country.
  • Proof of booking and payment for mandatory quarantine accommodation upon arrival - will be provided by the hotel after you have completed your quarantine / repatriation package booking
  • Register to PeduliLindungi App, proceed to fill your travel information on International e-HAC (Indonesia electronic health alert card app).

How is the situation in Bali?

  • The situation is overall well under control. The number of vaccinated citizens is above 80%. The government still applies a cautious approach and keeps Micro-Scale Social Restrictions (PPKM Regulations) in place, to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Expect at times shorter operational hours on restaurants and attractions, also health protocols enforcement
  • Wearing masks in Public is mandatory
  • You need the PeduliLindungi App when visiting some venues and stores. 

Is it ok traveling to Bali? Is Bali Safe?

Corona Situation in Bali:

  • The government puts huge effort into the vaccination program, more than 90% of the Balinese population is vaccinated
  • Only international tourists from selected countries can fly directly to Bali. At the moment international visitors (including tourists) need a Visit Visa to enter Indonesia (apply here)
  • All citizens and visitors are asked to follow the guidelines of “SOCIAL DISTANCING” and have to wear masks also in Public
  • Food shopping and other important necessities are still possible
  • A decent amount of hotels, restaurants, bars and hotels are open
  • Some major events are back on schedule gradually
  • Tourist attractions and beaches are mostly open

CoVid-19 Symptoms

  • coughing
  • a runny nose
  • sore throat
  • fever
  • sometimes diarrhea
  • aching joints & muscles

Severe cases may experience breathing problems or develop a lung infection.
Disease symptoms can emerge up to 14 days after infection.

What to do when you are getting sick in Bali and Indonesia

If you feel that you might have been infected you should as first measure prevent other people to get in contact with you and also inform the people who have been in contact with you lately, about your condition and see, if they have also experienced similar symptoms.

Call 112 or 223333 (Bali area)

The operator will guide you through the process. Usually patients will be picked up if they need to go to hospital.

The Bali provincial government has assigned five hospitals to handle cases of corona virus infections. The Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar, Sanjiwani General Hospital in Gianyar regency, Tabanan General Hospital, Udayana University Hospital and Bali Mandara General Hospital.

And call 119 ext 9 – local number or Mobile +62(0)81212123119, if you are in other area of Indonesia 

If, within 14 days, any of the above-mentioned disease symptoms emerge, avoid unnecessary contact with other persons and stay at home wherever possible. Get in touch with your doctor by phone or call any of the mentioned hospitals and discuss how best to proceed, before going there.