Animal Protection & Welfare in Bali

Entertainment Business with Animals in Bali

Bali is no different from many countries in the world, where some animals are mistreated for the sake of entertaining people and making profits. This sad phenomenon is widespread in developing countries, but it’s also seen all over the world. Zoos, circuses, and animal parks are very often at the core of the problem.

It might be easy to blame the people starting and running these businesses. And yes, they are responsible for their actions. But we feel, ultimately, it comes down to the consumer, and if we decide to take more responsibility for the consequences and ripple effects of our choices, how and when to get “entertained” by animals. And, of course, if we care about animal welfare and their well-being, then we need to be more aware of how we interact with animal businesses and consume overall.

Perhaps, cute cat pictures are most probably the most shared and liked posts in the entire internet kingdom, we assume, that most of us do care. More and more studies show that many animal species have a much higher capacity to feel (joy, pain, stress), than what was previously known and accepted as scientific consensus. But it many cases, common sense and a little bit of empathy for an animal helps us to figure out, if and at what level suffering is part of the equation.

As a visitor to Bali, you have the power. The power to decide which establishments and activities you visit and therefore spend your money on. A business that does not have customers will either change their approach or has to shut down. decided that we will not list, promote or accept any form of advertising for certain business lines, of which we are not convinced, that animal welfare is properly in place. And simply put, some businesses, by the very fact they do exist, fall through the net already. There is no way to keep dolphins in captivity in a proper way. Any direct contact with and petting of monkeys and big cats are also by definition abuse. A dancing monkey might be funny for the simple mind, but the suffering of the animal is real and constant.

We are no animal police and no experts in this field. We did not and cannot visit all the places that make a living by using animals. Therefore, this is a subjective and personal decision of the people behind this website. Every visitor to Bali is free to decide on their own, what to do and not to do and see whether they would treat their dog or cat at home like that.

A shortlist of things we do not support:

  • Dolphin encounters of any sort
  • Dolphin tours in a boat (mainly Lovina bay)
  • Elephant Riding adventures
  • Big Game & Sport Fishing
  • Spear Fishing
  • Horse Riding (depends on the stable), some are good.
  • Manta and Mola Mola dives with touching
  • Kopi Luwak plantations (most are keeping the Luwak in small cages, forcing them to eat the coffee beans all the time, which is only a tiny part of their natural diet)
  • Birds in cages, in restaurants and hotels
  • Cock Fighting
  • Turtle island

The only animal parks we do support due to their conservation efforts and level of animal welfare measurements are Bali Zoo, Bali Bird Park and Bali Safari Park.

If you become aware of any businesses that make money on animals’ suffering, please feel free to contact us.

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