Known For

  • Seafood restaurants by the beach
  • Luxurious accommodation
  • Fresh seafood market
  • Beaches with stunning views
  • Fancy spa treatments
  • Yoga
  • Surf

East meets West

Jimbaran is a busy fishermen village at the south of Bali airport. Most of the locals living nearby working hard at the southern waters of Bali and sell their freshly caught fishes, clams, squids, and crabs at the traditional market or hotels and restaurants nearby. Jimbaran was just a humble tiny fishing village until things changed in the 80s as outsiders started to discover and develop Jimbaran. Today you will find mostly world-class resorts and boutique hotels with luxury spas covering the land.

Most of the tour companies in Bali set Jimbaran as the final destination for their guests, allowing them to dine and relax after a long day exploring the island of gods while watching the beautiful sunset. Several white sand beaches like Balangan, Tegal Wangi and Kubu have stunning view of the blue ocean from a dramatic cliff formation.

Jimbaran Brief

Beach and Surf

Beaches in Jimbaran are beautiful, many brightly coloured fishing boats on the shore and out in the ocean adds the beauty in a picture. Some parts of the beach have places to sit. The water is free of strong currents or big waves, making it a good swimming spot for families and kids who are still learning, but the water can be a bit muddy, and in the area closer to the market, it is sometimes polluted. It is rare to see any fish close to shore here, and it is not a place for water sports, but the long, even beach is perfect for a walk on a quiet morning. Balangan is a great spot for surfing.


There are more than 50 seafood restaurants set by the beach of Jimbaran. This spot is a must-visit in Bali. The tables are placed on the beach with some lovely torches and sometimes a small stage with traditional dance show or street performance. Fine dining restaurants are mostly found inside the resorts; outside guests are welcome for dine-in, but a reservation is compulsory.


Hotels and resorts offer breathtaking venues to dance the night away. Making a reservation to one of the upscale lounges and beach clubs is recommended. However, the nightlife in Jimbaran is outshined by the many choices you can pick from in the neighbouring areas Seminyak and Legian.


Most of the upscale hotels and villas in Jimbaran provide transportation service for their guests. Some beach clubs, spas, restaurants and boutiques offer return shuttle service for their VIP guests. Be noted, free shuttle is not always applied, some business will charge you extra, or sometime you will need to spend a specific amount of money to get free transport. If you prefer more privacy, hiring a car rental with a driver is the perfect choice. Renting a scooter from a rental, also a great idea; but only if you have an experience to ride two-wheelers. Online taxis like Gojek and Grab are operating secretively to avoid frictions with local taxi.


The area is an upscale spot for luxury international resorts, hotels and private villas. For budget travellers, yoga and surf camps can be found near Balangan and a long Uluwatu street. Mid-range hotels and bungalows are located further from the beach.


Jimbaran’s traditional market is a good place to witness the life of the Balinese and their fresh products. The white sand beaches of Jimbaran offer different features for surfers and sun-seekers. Dreamland is the New Kuta Beach with a cleaner view; and Balangan Beach has the scenic limestone cliffs. Hotels in Jimbaran are of incredible architecture, and their interiors are worth a look. Up in Uluwatu Temple, you can view a stunning sacred place for Hindu worshippers while watching the famous traditional Kecak dance. The Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park is also situated in the Jimbaran area.


Jimbaran is great for sunbathing and surfing and maybe a visit to the fish market. There are beautiful upscale lounges and bars for enjoying a drink while watching the stunning view and sunset. For a laid back afternoon, you could try some of the high-end spas.