Sightseeing in Bali – explore the magic that enchants visitors since decades

Bali is an ideal place for sightseeing. The natural beauty of the landscape and rich traditional culture of the people mean that even casual visitors will be dazzled by their surroundings. Those who want to explore deeper Bali’s attractions will find an endless number of landmarks and points of interests to discover.

Nature, History and Culture

The unique Balinese Hindu culture is very strong, meaning, that temples and monuments can be found around the island, as well as the palaces of past and present royal families. Balinese people are often happy to welcome visitors to ceremonies of all types, as well as traditional pastimes such as bull races.

National parks in the north and botanical gardens in the mountains are filled with rich natural life. Visitors can travel to iconic tourist areas or escape to hidden sandy beaches, hike up volcanoes, or swim in rivers fed by mountain springs and waterfalls. The list of things to visit and to explore is almost endless.

Whether you want to take your time to explore the island’s wonders or want to see everything at once, an option is out there for you.

Explore Bali's Sightseeing Treasures

How best to explore the island and its treasures

The easiest and most comfortable way is to hire a car with a driver. You can book your car and driver directly on or opt for one of the day trips and half day tours we have selected, that cover the most important must-see places. Some tours integrate activities such as rafting, elephant riding. Others focus on the cultural aspect of the island. You can pick and choose what suits you best. A private AC car will be taking you around and an English speaking driver will make sure that you will have great day out.

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Our Pricing for Tours

The tours and the partner we have chosen have proven to be at highest quality. Our partners’ cars are safe, serviced and in excellent condition . The drivers trained and fully trustworthy. Taxes are paid and all legal document and permits are in place. This is why the price might be slightly higher than what the guys on the street might offer.

If you dig deep and bargain hard enough you will find slightly cheaper offers or private drivers who take you around. By simply walking the streets of Kuta, Seminyak or Ubud you will be approached many times and many will offer their services. However, also them have their costs and need to make a living, pay for repairs, or save some costs by not getting permits or paying taxes. So they will sometimes try to make an extra buck or five, by taking you somewhere, where they get a commission.