Amazing Bali

The number of things to do in Bali will amaze new visitors and keep long-time travelers coming back for more. Bali is the rare place that is both deeply spiritual and fun. Whatever your age or interest, whether you are traveling with your loved ones or alone, you are certain to find mental and physical satisfaction. Even during a short visit, you can let loose, stay fit, and explore the cultural and traditional roots of the island. In fact, with so many affordable options on offer, the only hard work in Bali is deciding what to do next.

Bali's Amazing Things to Do

Bali is much more than Beach, Sun & Party

Bali features beautiful world-class animal parks, family parks and attraction parks, incredible nature, traditional villages, marine life, fascinating temples and, and, and.

On a private tour, you can explore the Bali off the beaten track. Botanic gardens, hot spring baths, rice-fields. Join a bicycle or trekking tour, climb the volcano. The great thing is that Bali is quite small, and although roads are narrow, and traffic can be a bit crazy at times, within 10-12 hours you can easily discover many wonder that Bali has to offer.

Bali for Kids and Families

Bali features beautiful world-class animal parks, family parks and Activities for Families & Children. Bali is great fun for kids. The Balinese are very family-oriented and extremely kids friendly. 

Bali offers an unbelievable variety of fun things to do for the children of all ages. If you are on holidays or a resident looking for activities your children will enjoy, you can be certain there will be something exciting for them.

In Balinese culture, children are seen and treated like little kings and queens, and your kids will be welcomed with an open heart and friendly smiles.

Bali is however still a tropical island in Indonesia which one has to adapt. How to handle, e.g. the hot and humid climate, local food, water, weather and traffic are at times quite alien to new visitors. Bali is generally safe, but one needs to know and respect some rules.

Water is all around

Bali is a true mekka for water sports and activities. Surfing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Yachts & Boat Rental, Jet-Skis, Whitewater Rafting, Banana Boats, Canoeing, Stand-Up Paddling, Glass Bottom Boats, the list is endless.

Prices are comparably cheap, and providers are safety and service-oriented.

Courses, Workshops & Seminars

It’s never too late to learn something new, discover new interests and develop new or deepen skills. On Bali, you can find a workshop or seminar on almost anything. Of course, on top of the list are cooking classes and yoga courses. You can get trained for fun or even attend a train the trainer classes and get diplomas and certificates.

Body, mind, and soul related topics such as tarot reading, astrology, nutrition are often taught near Ubud. At the same time, many hotels and good restaurants offer Balinese cooking classes all over the island.

Selected Activities & Sightseeing Options