Planning your Retirement in Bali - Indonesia

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A great Choice

Bali has been among the top list of desired places to live after retirement. The warm climate, friendly people, a tolerant culture, and very affordable living costs, are some of the reasons why since decades, people choose to spend their retirement years in Bali.

Foreigners of 55 years of age or older can apply online for a special Retirement Visa, or rather a Temporary Stay Permit (KITAS). It is valid for up to one year and can be extended yearly.

How to get a retirement KITAS for Bali?

FAQ - Must-know facts and process details

What are the requirements for a Retirement Visa?

The requirements of getting a Retirement Visa is actually easy and straight forward:

  • For the moment you must be already IN INDONESIA for applying for a Retirement Visa (onshore)
  • Your passport must be at least 18 months valid and 6 blank pages
  • You are above 55 years old
  • You have at least USD 18,000 in your saving account
  • You have an international health and life insurance
  • You have a lease agreement of a property as your accommodation for at least one year.
  • You are willing to employ at least two Indonesians in your accommodation (helper, cook, gardener, etc.)
Can I work with Retirement Visa? Or set up my business in Indonesia?

Unfortunately NO, you cannot work in Bali or set up any business with your Retirement KITAS.

But if you are willing to own or run a business in Bali, you probably want to consider getting an Investor KITAS instead.

Do I have to go to the Immigration Office?

Not for the application Process. You can apply online while you are outside of Indonesia (apply for OFFSHORE KITAS).
But yes, you have to go to the immigration office once. Because as a first step, the government will issue a single entry Visit Visa that you will receive as an e-Visa. Then, once you arrive in Indonesia with this visa, you need to go in person to the appointed Immigration Office to take your photo and scan your fingerprints (biometric) – usually within one month after your arrival. During the pandemic, OFFSHORE KITAS is not available.

After this step, the retirement KITAS will be issued. Then the process is concluded.

What is the benefit of holding a Retirement KITAS?

There are several benefits of holding a Retirement KITAS in Indonesia:

  • Of course, living in a beautiful tropical country (1-year and can be extended annually).
  • You can also enter and exit Indonesia at anytime you want.
  • Leasing a land or property under your name.
  • Opening Indonesian bank account.
  • Applying for Indonesian driving license.
Can I bring my family to Indonesia on Retirement Visa?

Generally speaking, the application for the Retirement KITAS will be handled per person.

You and your spouse can both apply for a Retirement KITAS if both of you are qualified and meet all the requirements.

How do I pay after I applied?

We will only send you a bill after we have checked the documents and verified that all is in order and ready to be processed. Then, payment is easy. To save you costs on international banking fees, you can transfer the visa fee to our bank accounts in

  • Australia in AUD
  • Canada in CAD, (per EFT credits / direct deposits – NOT interact or SWIFT)
  • EU in EUR (convenient SEPA transfer). Also works for Norway, Switzerland, Monaco)
  • New Zealand in NZD
  • Singapore in SGD
  • UK in GBP
  • USA in USD

Or you can also wire the money directly to our local bank in Indonesia in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

The bank details and account numbers for the options above, will be stated on the bill that will be sent to you after your documents are checked and verified.


Due to the current covid situation, on short notice, the Indonesian Immigration office can reduced its service hours which could cause delays and which is out of our control unfortunately. We will keep our applicants informed however, about any updates. 

We hope we could clarify all the steps and give you the information you needed. If not, you can send us an email to

Prices for Retirement KITAS

Applying while you are ALREADY IN indonesia (ONshore)


Due to the current covid situation, on short notice, the Indonesian Immigration office can reduce service hours which could cause delays. We will keep our applicants informed about any updates.